Hugh Mai

If your reading this, A your looking for the perfect videographer or B you happen to stumble upon this website and want to know more about what I do.


Quick summary about me, I graduated from St. Lawrence college with a business diploma, in my spare time, I’ve always had this drive to pick up a camera and capture events throughout my life and others. After finishing the videos, I get to look back on them and live in those memorable moments again.


SO… I thought, I like the entrepreneur side of things and creating memorable videos, why not put two and two together and help other capture theirs moments and create their storyline for them.


If you hire me for the project, you’re not just obtaining an “ordinal” cut and paste video. You will be receiving an impactful video documenting your milestone, be it, getting married, growing your business to six figures, and or showing off your company’s newest invention.



Hugh Mai
The Camera Guy.