Hugh Mai

If your reading this, A your looking for an alternative solution to marketing or B you happen to stumble upon this website and want to know more about what I do.


Quick summary about me, I graduated from St. Lawrence college with a business diploma and further advancing to bachelor of business admin, in my spare time, I’ve always had this drive to sell, sell, and sell. I have created a Ebay store and became a powerseller In 2016. Have generated over $4000 in net revenue by using google paid adwords; targeting bank referrals. One of my unsuccessful venture was a clothing line apparel that I had launch back in 2017, the company was operating for 2 years, until the capital needed to gain market share was an investment I chose not to venture off in. What I learn and took away from that was further advancing my knowledge and skill set with Shopify and Wordpress.


… I thought, I like the entrepreneur lifestyle with selling and marketing being the main drivers of my company. A brilliant idea was to put two and two together and help other businesses grow themselves. One’s who are willing to put the investment in now for future growth. That is how I formed this company today.


If you hire me, you’re not just obtaining an “ordinal” cut and paste marketing solution. You will be receiving an impactful work and content that will help set you and completion apart.



Hugh Mai